Blesstia is a leading composite pharmaceutical company which produces GMP approved
homeopathic synthesis and prepares biopharmaceuticals.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Working in parallel – Homeopathic and Chemical Medicine

At Blesstia we consider the use of Homeopathic medicine working in parallel with chemical medicine to be positive and may have best outcome for the patient.
Our Vision

About Us

Blesstia Lab Work
Blesstia is registered in the official EudraGMP database, which contains all the E.U companies which are GMP certified.

Scientific direction of Blesstia is managed by an international team of homeopathic medical doctors with clinical experience in homeopathy over 35 years.

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Product Line

Blesstia Products - Homeopathic Synthesis
Blesstia homeopathic products are innovative, connecting science and life.

  1. Homeopathic Synthesis
  2. Biopharmaceuticals

Our offerings include starting materials for the compounding of 86 distinguished Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Synthesis.

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Our primary concern is for patients and public health.

From production to management Blesstia upholds the highest ethical standards . All of our products are GMP – “Good Manufacturing Practice” certified.

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