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Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are the frontline in patient care around the world.

Our role is to keep HCPs informed and up-to-date regarding the modern aspect of the cooperation between Complementary and conventional medicine with mutual respect; the utilization of homeopathy can improve the outcomes of their efforts but its practice is many times abandoned due to insufficient education and qualification.


It is a duty for the Healthcare Professionals and especially the MDs not to leave patients unprotected in the hands of people who are not qualified to apply medical praxis.


To this end, we work closely with HCPs on clinical research projects, medical seminars and special educational courses providing special certification. These collaborations provide us with valuable insights and help us understand the patients' and HCPs' concerns, this way being able to provide solutions in a context of mutual understanding and bridge artificial gaps.

During these activities we maintain high ethical standards by following the required regulations.

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