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Dear Health Care Professional,

Congratulations on your choice. You have in hand Blesstia’s exemplar homeopathic products.
Blesstia is a pharmaceutical company holding a full current GMP certificate published in the European Union Electronic Database EudraGMP.
GMP is the initials for “Good Manufacturing Practices” which is an international protocol of manufacturing standards. A pharmaceutical company that follows this protocol is GMP certified after inspection by the competent Health Authorities.
BLESSTIA was twice inspected, evaluated, and approved regarding its conformity and compliance to the GMP guidelines by the expert British firm Lowden International, and in 2011 and in 2014 was certified with the official full GMP certificate, pursuant to scrutinizing inspections by the Pharmaceutical Authorities of the Ministry of Health in Cyprus.
Blesstia is one of the very few pharmaceutical companies in the world that manufacture active substances to be used as starting raw materials for the compounding of homeopathic medicines with full GMP certification which is identical in strictness and formality to the one followed by the American and European pharmaceutical drug companies. GMP stands for rigorous specifications with respect to the quality control of the raw materials, the hygiene, the training and safety of the personnel; specifications at cleanroom level for the production area; double cross-check controls for the production process, storage and packing of the products; regular calibration of the equipment, machinery and measuring instruments. In other words, GMP stands for the most advanced know-how and the most reliable method in producing and packing, according to the stringiest international standards which are applied in the manufacturing of every modern drug.

 Homeopathic products GMP certified for their excellent quality, consistency, and safety, ensure the proper pharmaceutical support of a patient.

Blesstia by producing active substances to be used as starting raw materials for the compounding of homeopathic medicines that bear the full GMP quality safeguards your work and enterprise.
Dear health care professional, please read carefully and follow with absolute precision the instructions in this brochure which are part of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and apply to the lab compounding procedure.

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