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Access to Healthcare

We are committed to increase the access to healthcare for underserved patient populations in a sustainable way.

We consider our effort to bridge the gap between Complementary-therapy oriented population and conventional healthcare providers one of the safest ways to enhance the access to healthcare. Our goal is always to improve the health of patients and to add value to our stakeholders and our business.

Improving health means to utilize the opportunity to benefit from healthcare sources that were isolated or faced with suspicion in the past, from the one side or the other.


Most of the times homeopathy is considered to be the victim of conventional medicine, but on the other hand don’t forget the huge responsibility of 'homeopathy' when it has been accepting every non-scientific theory and practice to find shelter under its name.


Providing sustainable access to healthcare for all those who need it is a significant global challenge; factors that affect access, range from the affordability of medicines to the availability of healthcare systems and the resources needed to support them.

However, we must not forget the ignorance and the low quality of information that leads people to be divided in two major parties, that of the “naturals” and that of the “chemicals” who are going through a prolonged "war" that has lasted for centuries while producing victims from both parties.

It will take a combined global effort that involves all related stakeholders in order to drive sustainable progress, and we can make a meaningful contribution to that through our effort to desensitize people from the "sins" of the past and help them understand that Medicine is not divided to “chemical” and “natural”.


Medicine is one and unified, and any unfruitful comparisons between its different approaches is unfruitful.


Real Medicine serves the benefit of all people and does not aim at rising wars between the different methods and practices. Real medicine takes into consideration the idiosyncrasy of each patient and could suggest a chemical solution or a combined one, where homeopathy would act mostly as a complementary but precious and efficient factor.

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