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Protecting patients


Our primary concern is for patients and public health.

Blesstia is built on a culture of uprightness and ethical behavior.

From production to management Blesstia upholds the highest ethical standards.

A scientific team of M.Ds, pharmacists, molecular biologists and veterinarians formulate company policy.

The Board of directors has appointed five standing committees the Audit Committee, the Human Resources Committee, the Finance and Investment Committee, the Corporate Responsibility Committee and the Scientific Advisory Committee. Except for the Scientific Advisory Committee, each of them having a charter formalizing its duties and job description.

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices


GMP stands for the international term “Good Manufacturing Practices” and a manufacturing plant is cGMP certified after passing strict inspections by the Health Ministry, according to the international set standards.

Blesstia is a pharmaceutical company holding a full cGMP certificate issued by the Health Ministry and published in the European Electronic Database EudraGMP, and it is one of the very few pharmaceutical companies worldwide that produces homeopathic raw materials possessing full GMP certification.

Protecting Patients

Protecting patients

Blesstia takes the problem of counterfeit medicines very seriously since this is a complex issue with many difficulties in finding the absolute solution.

The scale, complexity and covert nature of counterfeiting activity means a lot of difficulties to prevent it. Our effort is to make it as difficult as possible for people who will try to counterfeit our medicinal products.

Building strong, collaborative partnerships to strengthen enforcement raise awareness and provide advocacy can be proved an effective and efficient shield from counterfeiting. Reporting and professional investigation of suspicions is another pillar of our defensive actions. We also encourage all our employees to report suspicions of possible illegal trade of medicines that come to their attention along with the necessary steps from all our partners including suppliers and agents such as wholesalers or distributors and retail pharmacies to ensure the authenticity of the product through the end to end supply chain.



Environment Blesstia Pharmaceutical

We are committed to environmental stewardship across the product lifecycle, from discovery and development, through manufacturing, marketing, use and ultimately disposal although production of homeopathic products is an ecological clean process with almost zero environmental footprints.

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