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Ethical Marketing

Ensuring protection of Patients

Ensuring the ethical promotion of our products is a central goal at Blesstia.

Our high standards are reflected in our Code of Conduct, which governs our approach to sales and marketing and in our policies and procedures on interacting with healthcare professionals and patients.

Our respect to the nature of our products and the unlimited care for patients leads us to the definitions and declarations that follow.

In the product flyer addressed to pharmacists' clients, the following are stated: “Since homeopathic medicines are OTC medicines, and having in mind the utmost protection of public health, we must emphasize that any major or minor health problem must be subjected to a full medical investigation. Therefore, we consider that the non-prescription medicines, chemical or homeopathic, should be administered in cases that have been fully medically examined up to date so as to ensure that the present health condition of the patient does not need to undergo any further medical investigation.”


The Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Synthesis is not intended to substitute the chemical treatment that a patient might be already following; instead, homeopathy in that case is applied as a complementary medical intervention.


Further on, we require from the pharmacist to properly guide the patient towards the diagnosis of their health condition, before administering Blesstia's medicinal products. “In simple words, we advise that you recommend to your patients to visit their Medical Doctor or Health practitioner before using the compounded Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Synthesis, in order to ensure that their health status is thoroughly clinically and laboratorily examined and so as to also avoid ignoring a possibly concealed health condition in their organism, of which they were not aware of.”

We have created customized marketing materials, like the special Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Synthesis brochure as well as the Pharmaceutical Laboratory Cartoline, which contain all the necessary information concerning the lege artis execution of the pharmacotechnical impregnation procedure by the pharmacist, so that they comply with the applicable laws and regulations.


We are committed to act in an absolutely ethical way - having as cornerstone the cooperation of the conventional physician with the homeopath, by emphasizing that a person being under chemical therapy is not permitted to discontinue it in favor of a homeopathic therapy.


In this direction, we further advise the pharmacist: “If the patient is under a treatment that includes chemical medicines, they can use Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Synthesis in parallel, with the consent of their treating physician. However, some simple and self-evident standards have to be followed, so that the safety of the patient’s health is completely protected. When administering a compounded Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Synthesis to a patient, they are not permitted to discontinue any chemical treatment they may be already following; this point requires extra attention from you. The Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Synthesis does not substitute the chemical treatment that a patient might be already following; homeopathic therapy in that case, is applied as a complementary medical intervention instead.”

Ethical Promotion

Our board of directors ensures that all promotional material, messages and presentations comply with internal policies and meet legal, medical and regulatory requirements.

Following the approval of the Promotion and Advertising Review Committee (PARC), comprised from members of our Legal, Medical and Regulatory departments, we ensure that the promotional material is consistent with the approved product labeling, is accurate and not misleading and finally it doesn't make claims about products.

Moreover, Blesstia supports and promotes an ethical code to be followed by all parties involved in the medical praxis, i.e. the patient, the allopathic physician, and the homeopathic physician; distinguished roles and mutual respect is required by all parties for the patients' maximum of safety and therapeutic benefit.

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