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About Us

Blesstia Ltd is a composite pharmaceutical company that develops and produces two lines of products:

  1. Homeopathic Synthesis
  2. Biopharmaceuticals​​​​​​​

All the products of BLESSTIA pharmaceutical are manufactured with official certification cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) issued by the Health Ministry of Cyprus and have the official international cGMP certificate of compliance. The company is registered in the official EudraGMDP database, which contains all the E.U companies which are GMP certified.

The scientific direction of Blesstia Ltd is steered by an international team of homeopathic medical doctors with clinical experience in homeopathy over 45 years which created the innovative and pioneering 86 homeopathic pharmaceutical formulas BLESSTIA SYNTHESIS.

Our Vision / Mission

Blesstia’s mission is through its products and operations to bridge gaps between therapeutic approaches, ease minds of opposite attitude health practitioners.


Our primary concern is for the patients and the public health.

To operate a pharmaceutical company, has a tremendous responsibility to our customers and employees and to the public health.

Our corporate social responsibility and core values govern our activities.

Responsibility is a foundation of serious operation, and is guided by our core values, integrity, respect, excellence and leadership in all of our our actions. We treat people with respect, we listen, we value different opinions, and we give honest and constructive feedback.

In depth assessments are carried out to discover which issues are the most important to our operation as a composite pharmaceutical company aiming to work with both the two main therapeutic trends. i.e. allopathy or chemical therapy or conventional therapy and homeopathy as the representative of Complementary Medicine.

Some claim that these two therapeutic trends are absolutely different, separate, uncompromising and inimical to each other, thus pushing the patients to the dilemma: “conventional therapy or homeopathy”. Our assessment showed a tremendous distress and sometimes a schizoid tendency of the patients under the pressure of this critical for their health dilemma. It is for them a dilemma between disease and wellness, between life and death. Most of the times the representatives of the two therapeutic trends claim that there is no therapy out of their practice and more distressing, that application of the other therapy means absolutely sure death.

We tried to think out of both settings and after some decades of clinical research found out that both therapies have their values and their weaknesses. None of them is perfect since medicine is still in evolution and none of them has the right to claim the absolute therapy.

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