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Support of the organism with chronic osteoarthritic manifestations.


November 20, 2021


Active substance to be used as starting raw material for the compounding of officinal homeopathic medicine, according to the official homeopathic pharmacopoeias, without indications / conclusive description resulting from repertorizing:

Support of the organism with chronic osteoarthritic manifestations.

Dosage: 3 tablets every day orally.

Specific information: Side-effects never manifested. No homeopathic medicine has ever been recalled from circulation due to side-effects or adverse effects.

Homeopathic medicines have never manifested synergy when administered simultaneously with any chemical or other medicine.

Recommendation: Before starting any non prescription drug your health condition must be recently fully examined and diagnosed clinicaly and laboratory so as not to be any need for further examination.

Attention: Consult your physician immediately if symptoms persist or worsen.


Product Description

Scientific documentation:

  1. Repertorizing hints as of appendix a:

General, jar, stepping / general, pressure, agg., amel.,
hard, painless side agg. On, slight pressure agg., hard
pressure amel. / standing, agg., amel., impossible /
touch agg. Amel. / uncovering agg. Amel., single part
agg., ailments from, kicks the covers bed of / walking
agg. Amel., after, air in open, beginning of walking
agg., bent, fast agg. Amel., rough ground over agg.,
slowly amel., stone pavement on agg., wind in the agg.
/ warm-warmth agg. Amel., air, becoming, bed, room,
stove, wraps agg. Amel./weather, change of, cloudy,
cold, dry, foggy, hot, rain, storm, sultry, warm, wet,
windy / stiffness, muscles / swelling, inflammatory,
painful, joints of, periosteum of / tension, muscles
of / pain, joints of / pain, muscles of / ankle, weak /
back aching, pains in / chronic rheumatic arthritis,
rheumatic gout, rheumatoid arthritis / chronic
rheumatic arthritis, rheumatic arthritis, rheumatic
gout, rheumatoid arthritis / gouty concretions,
joints, concretions in, joints, swellings / muscle
contractions, myalgia, rheumatism / rheumatic
affections, rheumatic arthritis, rheumatic gout
/ rheumatism, acute, chronic, wondering / myalgia
/ rheumatoid arthritis / bone, affections, bruised,
pains in, swelling / cartilages, affections of / bone,
affections of, bruised, injuries of, pains in, swelling
of / cartilages, affections of, bruises of, pains in /
periosteum, pain in, sensitive, painful / periostitis
/ generals, pain, bones of, cartilages of, joints of,
periosteum of, tendons in, boring, broken bones as
if, bruised, burning, constricting, cutting, drawing,
gnawing, jerking, neuralgic, paralytic, pinching,
pressing, radiating, sore, bruised, stitching,
tearing, wandering / general conditions, change,
temperature of / general conditions, motion, agg.,
amel., beginning of at, after, continued, slow,
violent, pressure, agg., amel., hard, slight pressure
agg., hard pressure amel., rising up, agg., amel.,
rubbing, agg., amel., gently stroking, hand with
amel., running, agg. / general conditions, weather,
change of weather, cloudy, cold, dry, foggy, hot,
rain, storm, warm, wet, windy, wet, applications /

  1. Materia medica reference as of appendix b

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