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Support of the organism for the function of the distressed upper back.


November 20, 2021


Active substance to be used as starting raw material for the compounding of officinal homeopathic medicine, according to the official homeopathic pharmacopoeias, without indications / conclusive description resulting from repertorizing:

Support of the organism for the function of the distressed upper back.

Dosage: 3 tablets every day orally.

Specific information: Side-effects never manifested. No homeopathic medicine has ever been recalled from circulation due to side-effects or adverse effects. Homeopathic medicines have never manifested synergy when administered simultaneously with any chemical or other medicine.

Recommendation: Before starting any non prescription drug your health condition must be recently fully examined and diagnosed clinicaly and laboratory so as not to be any need for further examination.

Attention: Consult your physician immediately if symptoms persist or worsen.


Product Description

Scientific documentation:

1. Repertorizing hints as of appendix a:

Back, aching of, affections of, pains in, stiffness of,
weakness of / backache / bearing – down pains / neck
and back, back bend forward like an arch, backache
agg. On turning the body, must seat up to turn over in
bed / backache, sweating, weakness, after abortion,
 metrorrhagia, a week before menstruation, when
eating, while walking, feels as if must give up and
lie down, bruised pain in the small of the back,
worse at rest and in rainy weather, bruised pain,
with stiffness and lameness, in small of back / rises
from seat with difficulty, burning as from hot
coals between the scapulae, agg. In summer, burning
heat, running up the back and between shoulders,
constant pain, under lower inner angle of right
scapula / easily over-strained from over-lifting,
neck becomes stiff and rigid / icy coldness in back,
especially between shoulders, pain across shoulders
and spine, must stoop, cannot walk erect, pain in back
agg. On coughing or jarring, when standing / pain in
back and small of back, particularly with stiffness,
improved by walking, pain in back, as if a hot iron
were burst through the lower vertebrae / pain in
back worse when sitting, cannot keep feet still,
pain in cervical region, extending up to vertex, pain
in small of back as if it would break / pain in the
back as if broken, relieved by lying on something /
pain in back compelling to move constantly in bed /
pain in back while riding in carriage, weakness of
cervical muscles, unable to support head /

2. Materia medica reference as of appendix b

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