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Advanced Solutions

Advanced Solutions

Let us introduce our scientific work

When we speak about advanced solution in Homeopathy we speak about Advanced Homeopathy.

We know that many scientists when they are crossed with the term Homeopathy are expressing an automatic reaction that is established since many years due to misconception and misunderstandings.

In the new millennium, the term Advanced Homeopathy is not anymore a challenge for anybody.

Advanced Homeopathy is a challenge for us only, the people that are outlining, developing and producing the new era homeopathic remedies.

The Blesstia Homeopathic Syntheses are the creations carrying the scientific wisdom from the past, combined with the scientific knowledge of today.

Let us introduce the principles of Advanced Homeopathy:

  1. Advanced Homeopathy is theoretically as much as practically compatible and equivalent with Academic Medicine, given that Medicine is one and unified.
  2. Advanced Homeopathy dissolves the factitious rivalry with Academic Medicine. This rivalry essentially harms the patient, sets risks for public health and serves only doubtful interests.
  3. Advanced Homeopathy, driven by the patient’s interest, cooperates harmoniously and seamlessly with all medical specialties, in all levels.
  4. Advanced Homeopathy offers the opportunity of its application as complementary treatment in almost all medical practices, in parallel to any pharmaceutical or other treatment, this way applying the transition from 1 to 1+1.
  5. The action of the Homeopathic Medicine is absolutely confirmed and proven through two centuries of medical practice. The placebo effect, that some ignorant people appeal to, has nothing to do with the homeopathic medicine, as:
    1. The therapeutic results of Advanced Homeopathy usually exceed 87%, whereas the placebo effect, which is based on self-submission, does not exceed 22%.
    2. Advanced Homeopathy demonstrates very substantial therapeutic results in infants, which cannot be self-submitted, given that they do not even know that they are being administered a medicine.
    3. Advanced Homeopathy demonstrates very substantial therapeutic results in animals, which by their nature cannot be self-submitted. Proof for the above is that the European legislation sets the homeopathic medicines as the priority treatment in organic stockraising, organic apiculture and organic fish farming (Regulations EEC 2029/91, EC 1804/1999, EC 889/2008, EC 710/2009).
  1. Advanced Homeopathy respects the vaccines and their action; even before the discovery of the vaccines and the vaccination theory, homeopathy first introduced the concept of administration of the homeopathic medicine in high dilutions aiming at the stimulation and activation of the defense system of the organism, thus essentially solidifying the principle of the action of vaccines.
  2. The medicines of all kinds, are manufactured in order to be exclusively utilized from all doctors and health workers. The homeopathic therapeutic means, according to the Ministerial Decision No ΔΥΓ 3α/οικ.82161 of the E.U, are defined as medicines (ΦΕΚ Β 2374/24.8.2012, άρθ. 1α §4).

Hence it is self-evident that the doctors of all specialties have the right, according to the law, in homeopathic prescription and no one has the right to monopolize the homeopathic medicine.

  1. The officers of Advanced Homeopathy comply with legitimacy’s demands, assisting and supporting the doctors of all specialties towards the prescription of homeopathic medicines, according to their medical judgment and in parallel to the chemical prescription of their choice.
  2. Advanced Homeopathy complies with legitimacy’s demands concerning the proper  manufacturing of the homeopathic medicine, which must be practiced in compliance with the regulations set by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), the global certification regarding the pharmaceuticals manufacturing, regulated and imposed by the European law since 2004 (Directives 2001/83/EC, 2003/94/EC, 2011/62/EC).
  3. The correct policy of Advanced Homeopathy towards health and cooperation, by supporting the interest of the patient and public health, drives a big current of doctors of all specialties towards adopting it in parallel to their specialty.

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