Nurse and patientBeing healthy does not simply mean the absence of a disease. Being healthy is a state of optimum well being on all different levels, physical, mental and psychological. So if we were to define optimal health we would say that it is being healthy at the maximum possible level. At its heart homeopathy is about promoting optimal health and care for the patient in a multilevel way. Homeopathy on its own and also when it comes in combination with chemical therapy provides the patient a real holistic therapeutic approach that has shown to give greater results. This is why we spend so much time debating that we are against any conflict between the homeopathic and the chemical way of treatment. They are both therapeutic approaches with different modes of action and they should both be respected and applied when necessary, since the combination of both homeopathy and chemical therapy has shown to be really advantageous for the patient’s organism.

At Blesstia we provide the opportunity of promoting optimal health with Blesstia Synthesis. Blesstia Synthesis are technologically advanced pharmaceutical products made from homeopathic raw materials that can be safely combined with any other therapy a patient might already be following. They come to strengthen the reaction power of the organism against the disease and help the chemical treatment followed be most effective, since the organism has extra support from the homeopathic treatment.

More about optimal health by Blesstia Synthesis:

Another factor that highlights the important role Blesstia Synthesis play for the organism, is that they can be used for prevention. Keeping the organism in healthy levels and not just fighting a disease is a major aspect for promoting optimal health. Patients can use Blesstia Synthesis for maintaining a good level of physical and mental health, by keeping their immune system stronger and more resistant. Someone could say that preventing a disease to happen is the preferable kind of therapy, because you stop something before it even begins to exist, therefore you provide health to your organism. Blesstia Synthesis can help support the reaction of the organism against the disease therefore provide the opportunity for the patient to undertake a preventive therapeutic approach.

Your personal optimal health:

Optimal health is individual; it is a personal matter, it is a matter of idiosyncrasy. Blesstia Synthesis aids the patient by smoothing their idiosyncratic characteristics. The idiosyncrasy of a person does not always remain steady, it is something that can alter and it is a very personal matter depending on the inner and external influences. It is an innovation of Blesstia that the Blesstia Synthesis products contain a large number of homeopathic remedies. This offers the organism the potentiality to idiosyncratically choose what it needs more each time, resulting in aiding to the preservation of optimal health that the organism and the patient pursues.