Blesstia Synthesis in production.Blesstia Synthesis are pharmaceutical products synthesised of more than one homeopathic remedies that offer many advantages when used as a parallel therapy with the existing one that a patient might already be following. When judged necessary a patient can obtain Blesstia Synthesis together with the chemical treatment for instance, and this can help maximize the efficiency of the therapeutic result. In medical terms, this is a form of parallel therapy.

There are many medical doctors of all specialisations who are interested in having access to the homeopathic prescription parallel with the chemical remedy of their choice. A significant number of conventional doctors are aware that Blesstia Synthesis operate with different mechanisms and onto other receptors than the medicines they already know. Thus they desire to gain the advantage of utilising two effective methods, instead of one, for the benefit of the patient.

Blesstia Synthesis do not have any synergic effect with any other chemical drug or substance that a patient may already be administered with. There has never been recorded a synergic effect of a homeopathic substance with a chemical drug. When used simultaneously, Blesstia Synthesis come to strengthen the organism’s reaction mechanisms and the immunological response of the patient thus preparing the organism to accept the chemical substance more eagerly.

A real holistic therapeutic approach for every conventional M.D:

This collaboration of the two approaches; the chemical and the homeopathic is a real holistic therapeutic approach that offers targeted aid to several different aspects of the human organism therefore helping it to overcome even adverse situations. Blesstia is of the belief that a holistic therapeutic approach can promote healthiness in the most effective way and offer the desired outcome to the patients. Blesstia supports the use of both chemical and homeopathic treatment when this is judged necessary.

Easy to use, extra benefits:

Blesstia Synthesis are easy and convenient in their use, because they do not require the patient to change any of their daily or eating habits and they are administered orally. They offer significant support to the patient’s organism which is very necessary and important when it undergoes treatments with heavy dosages of chemical substances. They are easy to combine with the chemical therapy that a patient might be undergoing and they offer extra advantages for the patient’s organism, by supporting its ability to react against the disease.

Finally, Blesstia Synthesis offer extra advantages for the doctor who administers them, due to the flexibility in their usage since they can be combined with any other therapy the patient should follow and also because they help maximize the effectiveness of the complete therapy the doctor offers. The main benefit is that the busy typical doctor can utilise Blesstia Synthesis without needing to be versed into the depths of the homeopathic theory, but only to be aware of their therapeutic range that can be combined to cover the patient’s needs. This offers the medical doctor a different therapeutic approach than the chemical one, which he is already aware of.