• Blesstia Synthesis Eugenia 110

Blesstia Synthesis Eugenia 110

活性物质,作为顺势疗法成药合成的起始原料,根据顺势疗法药典,无再势能化的适应症/结论性描述: 帮助控制年轻肌肤的面部红疹









  1. 附录A 再势能化提示:

General, clinical conditions, cachexia/ general,
lassitude / general, old age, old people, premature,
senile decay / emaciation, marasmus, appetite
ravenous with, loss of animal fluid from, old
people in / heat, lack of vital / debility / debility /
general conditions, ailments, cold tendency to
take / general conditions, old age, old people,
decay / mind, thought-perception, absent minded,
absent mindness, unobserving, old people in / mind,
thought-perception, mistakes, makes, calculating
in, distinguishing, differentiating of objects in,
names, calls things by wrong, objects about /
orientation in, perception in, persons in, space and
time in, speaking, talking when, spelling in, time in,
work in, writing in, wrong words using, thinking,
alienation of mind, long, not think, unable, will
disappear, ability for / thoughts, collect, not,
disagreeable, disconnected, distracted, errors of
perception, himself about, obscurity of, passed of
the, persistent, profound, repetition of, rush, flow
of, strangeness of, vanishing, loss of, wondering /

2. 附录B 药物学参考文献