• Blesstia Synthesis Aristolochia 61

Blesstia Synthesis Aristolochia 61

活性物质,作为顺势疗法成药合成的起始原料,根据顺势疗法药典,无再势能化的适应症/结论性描述: 帮助控制年轻肌肤的面部红疹









  1. 附录A 再势能化提示:

General, clinical conditions, cartilages affections
of / general, jar, stepping /general, hand, on part
lying / general, hang down, letting limbs / general,
lying / general, motion / general, pressure, agg.,
amel., hard, painless side agg. On, slight pressure
agg., hard pressure amel. / general, running, agg. /
ankle, weak / arthritis / chronic rheumatic arthritis,
rheumatic gout, rheumatoid arthritis / arthritis,
deformance, gout / joints, affections of, concretions
in, cracking in, creaking in, nodosities on, pain in,
stiffness of / gouty joints / tendons, contracted,
creaking of, inflamed / general conditions, motion,
agg., amel., beginning of, at, after, continued, slow,
violent / limbs in general, joints, aching, distress,
in large, with restlessness all night, affections in
general, ligaments, with swelling or redness, as
if beaten, as if crushed, as from fatigue, cutting,
as if cutting instrument were piercing all joints /
sensation like electric shocks, worse at night, lying
on suffering side or back / limbs in general, joints,
inflammation, arthritis, from blows or sprains, with
violent nightly pains, periodic, changes position to
get relief, swelling, heat and redness intense /

2. 附录B 药物学参考文献