• Blesstia Synthesis Alstonia 86

Blesstia Synthesis Alstonia 86

活性物质,作为顺势疗法成药合成的起始原料,根据顺势疗法药典,无再势能化的适应症/结论性描述: 帮助控制年轻肌肤的面部红疹









  1. 附录A 再势能化提示:

General, exertion physical, agg., amel., air in open
amel., impossible / general, lassitude / general
conditions, ailments, cold tendency to take
/ pathological clinical conditions, cachexia,
chlorosis, degeneration of tissues, tendency
to, development arrested, emaciation, marasmus,
intoxication from insecticides, sluggishness of the
body, weakness, enervation, weariness / general
conditions, old age, premature / sensations, breaking
as if body were frail and easily broken / sensations,
stages of life and constitution / old people, atony,
atrophic conditions, sedentary habits, weakness /
men, puberty, young people, digestion feeble, look
very old, sanguin or nerving-sanguin temperament,
habitually cold and deficient in vital reaction, grey
disposition, fitful mood, tremors from emotional or
physical causes / constitution, anemic, debilitated,
constitution, hydrogenoid, feels every change
from dry to wet, cannot tolerate sea air, lymphatic,
flabby, relaxed, exudations, tendency to mucus and
serous, constitution, psoric, lack of reaction after
disease, assimilation imperfect, cachectic, profound
debility and great emaciation /

  1. 附录B 药物学参考文献