• Blesstia Synthesis Aconitum 112

Blesstia Synthesis Aconitum 112

活性物质,作为顺势疗法成药合成的起始原料,根据顺势疗法药典,无再势能化的适应症/结论性描述: 帮助控制年轻肌肤的面部红疹









  1. 附录A 再势能化提示:

Mind, fear, accidents, agoraphobia, alone of
being, animals, apoplexy of, appearing in public
of, approaching, bad news, business of, cancer
of, causeless, claustrophobia, coition, constant,
crowd, death of, diseases of, evil of, ghosts of,
going out of, happen something will, heart, health
of, high palaces of, imaginary things of, insanity of,
misfortune of, public of appearing in, thunderstorm
of / general, room, close room agg., full of people
agg. / general conditions, darkness agg. / mind
and disposition, anguish, death, death of, which is
supposed to be near / mind and disposition, death,
fear of, when alone, on going to bed, on awakening,
fears to go to bed, distress in epigastrium with,
with paleness of face / mind and disposition, dread,
of being alone in dark, of dogs and other animals,
of appearing in public, of business, of future, of
ghosts, of heart disease, of insanity /

2. 附录B 药物学参考文献