• Blesstia Synthesis Aacalypha 103

Blesstia Synthesis Acalypha 103

活性物质,作为顺势疗法成药合成的起始原料,根据顺势疗法药典,无再势能化的适应症/结论性描述: 帮助控制年轻肌肤的面部红疹









  1. 附录A 再势能化提示:

acne, punctata, rosacea / face, external appearance, eruptions, cheeks / face, abscess, adhesion of skin to forehead / face, eruptions, acne, boils, blood boils, small / chin, forehead, chin, forehead, pimples, blue, burning when touched / chin, copper colored, forehead, burning, itching, painful, sore to touch, smarting when washed, wine after, inflamed, insects as from, rash, burning / chin, forehead, nodosities / chin, sensitive, shaving agg. complaints / face, acne / face, eruptions, around mouth, around nose, on cheeks, on chin, on forehead / lower face, chin, eruption, acne, acne punctata, small red elevations with black points, papulae, hard on a red base, burning, itching, smarting, burn when touched, itching, the larger surrounded by redness, pimples, suppurative, pustules, red, painful when shaving, broke and formed a scab, covered with brownish scab, itching after washing, boils, furuncular, formication, pain, and erysipelatus areolae, pimples, forming scars, itching when getting warm in bed neck and back, carbuncle, extending from upper border of scapula downward, surrounded by small pustules, pus offensive and scanty, pain deprives of sleep / neck and back, neck, eruption, pimples, caused by disturbed action of follicular glands / neck and back, scapula, eruption, pimple, single, filling with puss, then drying up, and disappearing between.

2. 附录B 药物学参考文献