Public health can be defined as the scientific medical approach that concerns for the health of the society and the community as a whole. At Blesstia we aim to produce pharmaceutical products of high quality that ensure safety for the public and support an important component of the public health. With Blesstia Synthesis, the technologically updated pharmaceutical products we focus on helping and benefiting the patient in a socially responsible way. Blesstia Synthesis are OTC pharmaceutical products made from homeopathic raw materials. Because they belong in the category of OTC they become widely available and accessible to many patients. Their obtainable value is established by the benefits they can offer the organism of the patient and the advantages in their use.

Favoring the patient in many ways:

There are 86 distinguished Blesstia Synthesis, each synthesized from a large number of homeopathic remedies and thus they are innovative in their nature. They support the organism’s defense mechanisms against disease and help to improve the organism’s immunological responses. They can be used by patients of all ages, conveniently and easily since they do not require the patient to alter any of their everyday or eating habits. Blesstia Synthesis belong to the category of OTC pharmaceutical products that the patient can obtain from their local pharmacist after their condition has been fully diagnosed. In addition, Blesstia Synthesis can be combined with any other therapy, a chemical treatment for instance, the patient might already be following. This is an important feature of Blesstia Synthesis because the combination of two therapeutic approaches, which in medical terms is called parallel therapy, has shown many times to be more advantageous for the patient offering more favorable results.

Part of our social responsibility:

All these factors are what make Blesstia Synthesis a very important element of our company’s productivity, since they give us the opportunity to promote the interests and benefits of public health in an efficient manner. As a pharmaceutical company Blesstia feels socially obliged to act and strive for the benefit of the society and every activity performed is within the framework of supporting the patient’s needs in an effective manner, serving our duty towards the public health.