• Blesstia Synthesis Bryonia 53

Blesstia Synthesis Bryonia 53

Substance active à utiliser comme matière première de base pour l’élaboration de médicaments homéopathiques officinaux, selon les pharmacopées homéopatiques officielles, sans indication ni description concluante après répertoriage :


Dosage : 3 comprimés par jour, administration orale

Informations spécifiques: Aucun effet secondaire signalé.

Aucun médicament homéopathique n’a jamais été retiré de la vente en raison d’effets secondaires ou d’effets indésirables.

Les médicaments homéopathiques n’interagissent aucunement avec d’autres substances chimiques ou médicaments.

Recommandation: avant d’entreprendre un traitement à base de médicaments délivrés sans ordonnance, il convient de procéder à un examen médical complet.

Attention: consultez immédiatement votre médecin si vos symptômes persistent ou s’aggravent.

Catégorie :

Description du produit

Documentation Scientifique:

1. Conseils en matière de répertoriage en  annexe a:

General, eating, before, during, after, overeating,
satiety to / general, breakfast, after, agg. / general,
drinking, after, agg., amel., rapid, hasty, agg. /
general, fasting/general, food / general, hunger
/ general, lassitude / general, hunger from, agg. /
obesity / appetite disordered / bulimy / corpulence
/ obesity / general conditions, eating, overeating,
pleasure for, instead of health, satiety to, small
quantity of a, after, amel., long after eating,
while, amel., before / anxious an, feeling rises after
breakfast, bloating after dinner, burning after
heavy food, burst, as if it would, curious feeling in
bowels, emptiness as after vomiting / in morning,
flatulence, fullness during eating, flatulence, wind
does not pass, straining, almost cutting, forcing
down in colon, tension in hypochondria / winding
sensation in bowels, aversion, after eating a
little, great repugnance, with hunger, after eating
but a little, with nausea and throat, aversion to
food just eaten / anxiety in lumbar region, bread
agg. / gastralgia with nausea and constipation,
indigestion, pyrosis, sour eructation, cheese /
gastro-intestinal symptoms worse, cold things agg.,
ice-cream, / colic with nausea and vomiting / colic
flatulent, overeating from, with indigestion, with
water brash, soup, after, first spoonful of, spasmodic
bellyache with anxiety, distress, smallest amount,
of food, fainting, after eating but little, fullness,
a very little, makes her very full, a few mouthfuls,
seam to fill him to throat, fullness, vomiting with
sour, general conditions, fasting, agg., food and
drinks, diet errors in, agg. / general conditions,
food and drinks, food, sight of food, smell of food,
agg., thought of food / distress eating, food as
if, had to force itself through stomach / hunger
excessive, canine, bulimia, ravenous, voracious,
hunger, eat has to, though he knows chill will be
renewed, eat if he does not, has a headache and
lassitude, and must lie down / eat must, every few
hours, better after eating, eats everything set
before him, food, farinaceous, especially for sweets,
puddings, alternates with disgust for meat, wine
or sour things / fullness and satiety with, after
small amount of food, hunger satisfied, but soon,
and filled up, tape warm?, as if he had a / stomach,
voracious appetite, or none, with feeling of satiety
all the time /

2. Référence materia medica en annexe b